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Pure Fit Fitness is making the gym fun again. At it’s two year mark, TJ the owner, decided he wanted to enter his third year digitally with a website and online gym session booking.

After an exhaustive search for the right partner, TJ chose Texobyte to design the website and find solutions for his changing needs.

Texobyte partnered with Pure Fit to design and develop online solutions for the gym. Texobyte extended the tech-forward experience to client self-session booking and management.


Brand Strategy

User Research


SquareSpace Design

Process Development

Sales Funnels


The Challenge

Pure Fit gym has been growing pretty quickly and the owner TJ needed an online presence to match. TJ stressed that the website cannot interfere with his primary responsibility, the gym. After careful observation, Texobyte noticed the larger challenge for Pure Fit was client booking and management. TJ was often managing clients via traditional methods and Texobyte saw opportunity to streamline that process with online services. TJ agreed it was time to get serious so he brought Texobyte onboard to streamline the process.

Process Details

Discovery Meeting


Rough Layout


Review & Edits


As the project manager, designer and development lead Texobyte had to listen to the stressors of the business and clients and find solutions to them. Once the needs were identified Texobyte used them to test and evaluate the interfaces for physical, functional and conceptual usability.

Based on the discovery findings it was decided that Squarespace would be the best fit. A custom solution wasn't appropriate for Pure Fit's business needs at this time. After a few rough layouts were identified Texobyte met with TJ to walk-through how people might move through the site while checking against the identified business needs.

After a series of reviews and edits with TJ and the other Pure Fit team members, Texobyte identified the layout, color schemes and typography to be used. Texobyte also identified business growth areas and future purefitgym.com growth opportunities.


Developed in close collaboration with TJ and his team members, this was an organic process that culminated in more than a website.

Texobyte was able to not only design the website for Pure Fit but also integrate the scheduling/booking suite, billing/customer management and commerce abilities into a new branded website.

Online Session Booking

Rich content to showcase the gyms passion digitally.

Responsive web design is a must. Pure Fit looks great across all screens and devices.


A Great Start…

It's still early days for both the website and the various integrations, yet the transition has been smooth.



Decreased median customer management per customer by 60%

Increased median sessions booked per Client by 28%

Increased new customer retention rate by 15%


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