Makeup By CG

My wife has long been my guinea pig for websites, technologies and flushing out tooling and support workflows. The site I did for her in early 2013 was terrible! I then tried to focus on doing a completely static site by hand in early 2016 but thought that one was terrible too. Then in 2017 I started to really focus on the design while also testing out Adobe Muse. In the 2018 version I leaned into the design with a focus on the content, her message and the dramatic makeup and imagery of the brand Makeup By CG.

Role: Designer and Developer



  • Categorized Images
  • Contact Form
  • Project Showcase
  • Responsive Design
  • Modern Design
  • High Quality Images
Prospective clients need to be able to easily contact me, see what work I offer and my best work.
— CG

All about the customer

For every prospective client the ability to see what work Christen Gundersen has done and easily contact her were the goals in the redesign. 

Identifying the Users Experiences

Users come to Makeup By CG for their own unique reasons but generally all are asking the same question, "Am I comfortable with Christen doing something so personal?" This lead me to ask "Does this feature help ease a customers worries?" If it does: "How does it...?" or "Why not?" is the question I ask myself.

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